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About us
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  • Natural & Organic Ingredients

  • Quality Products

  • Healthy Solution

  • Sustainability

  • Produce a clean natural product for people


Growing in the Ural Mountains, the little girl Olia loved going to the forest with her granddad. They collected beautiful white spring flowers, chopped them, mix with water, and kept the mixture for a long time on the stove, using the concocted liquid later to heal Olia’s skin cuts and wound…It has been her first lesson to make extracts."

When Olia, Mining Engineer, and Quality Assurance Manager, moved to Greg's NZ farm of paradise, Olive Grove & slice of Native New Zealand Bush. The first thing she has made was the olive leaf extract to keep in good health, two of her daughters.

" Willing to share with the world our beauty of nature, I went back to school – Tauranga Beauty Academy, and gained great achievement with high grades in many wellness modalities, wholistic healing, including Reiki &


"How I found 9 Senses? Living in beautiful Bay Of Plenty, and an abundance of luscious senses, with its mesmerizing views, delicious fruits, fragrances of blossoms, the sound of birds, and many more... are so overwhelming. It has to be more than usual, This became 9 Senses. "

"Now, I’m passionate about formulating the absolute clean skincare that really nourishes, rejuvenates, and slows down aging. With Manuka honey, Native New Zealand healing plants,  our organic herbs, and flowers that I personally collect, distill, infuse and extract, I create pure cosmetics without harmful chemicals. In my water phase used 100% hydrosols and extracts with its colors, polyphenols, vitamins, and antioxidants. For the fragrance and skin benefits, I use therapeutic grade essential oils. Preservatives, that I use, are also from the organic list. Carefully selected organic career oils, and, of course, I use our organic extra virgin olive oil."

 Experience the great nature’s gifts- our pure NZ skincare for gorgeous skin.

For the love of well-being, We are enthusiastic to keep our planet green, in organic farming, spray-free herbs, and plants.

  How we press Olives making Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our moisturizers  

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