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Kawakawa oil is wildcrafted from our slice of Native New Zealand bush. Kawakawa is an amazing healing plant, used for centuries to soothe and repair sensitive, irritated skin. Our Kawakawa oil is perfect for dermatitis, Eczema, and Psoriasis. It has a lovely smell of beeswax from the hives with Manuka honey & therapeutic grade essential oils. Our Kawakawa oil is the one hundred percent natural product for Eczema relief and formulated without any irritating ingredients.

We collect Kawakawa leaves from the heart of native New Zealand bush, infuse it with our extra virgin Olive oil.

Kawakawa traditionally used by Maori for healing eczema and psoriasis, insect bites, bruises, and wounds. Kawakawa contains Myristicin a natural pain-numbing constituent. It has anesthetic and analgesic properties for rapid relief of itchy skin, pain, and inflammation. The wide range of active constituents in Kawakawa makes it a complex and powerful medicine, that helps to reduce inflammation and irritation, cramping, and spasm. It is anti-microbial and improves circulation.


Cracked nipples

Healing Scars

Nappy rash

Dry, itchy skin

Gardener's Hand Cream

Soothing after-sun


Cuts & cracked skin

Wounds & bruises

Insect bites

Kawakawa oil

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