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7 Colors LED light available in combination with any other treatment

  • 30 min
  • 30 New Zealand dollars
  • Olive Grove, 244 Stanley Road

Service Description

Look light years younger with LED Light Therapy LED /Light-Emitting Diode/ Light Therapy uses varying wavelengths of light to stimulate the skin’s natural healing processes to repair and rejuvenate skin. LED light therapy is used to restrain acne, skin age spots, fade fine lines & wrinkles, Shrinkage pores, scarring, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sun damage, oily skin, and more... ~Red LED Light /650-730 nm/ is proven to kickstart cell regeneration & stimulate the fibroblast cells responsible for new collagen and elastin formation, leaving the skin smoother and firmer. Red light also helps to boost blood circulation that brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin, strengthens and detoxes the skin, reducing scars. Red LED light is perfect for clients concerned with fine lines & wrinkles, broken capillaries, sensitive skin, dull or uneven skin. ~Blue LED Light /430-450nm/ reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, which are small oil-producing glands in the skin. This reduction in sebum activity causes the glands to produce less oil, eliminate acne bacteria and improve oily skin. ~Green LED Light /525-550nm/ has a calming effect on sensitive skin, body, and mind. ~Yellow LED light /590nm/ Improve skin roughness, wrinkles, erythema, and pigmentation. It also enhances immunity, making your body stronger to fight viruses and bacterias. ~Cyan LED Light /640nm/ Balance oil secretion, stabilize skin, and control oil. ~Purple LED Light /415nm/ Decompose color spots, acne marks, improve fine lines. ~Hybrid Optical is a cycle of 7 color lights recommended for deep skin restoration, freckles, and lightening the skin blemishes.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

Contact Details

  • 244 Stanley Road, Wainui, New Zealand

    + 0276522256

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