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Artisan Italian Food cooking classes

9 SENSES at Gregoli olive grove are starting a series of cooking classes. We are expecting amazing guests -chefs and cooking enthusiasts. We use farm-to-table ingredients for delicious meals, desserts, and refreshments!

If you are a celebrity in New Zealand, you probably already tasted the decadent food of Domenica Bavaro. We are so excited to welcome an Italian chef Domenica into our organic stunning venue, olive grove, and heritage gardens.

ARANCINI MASTERCLASS is the next feast and cooking class. How to Make the Perfect Arancini or Arancine (how Italians call them)

Arancini are one of the most famous street foods in the world. Crispy and delicious arancini originated from Sicily.

This cooking experience is a perfect choice if you want to improve your cooking skills and learn how to make perfect and unmissable Sicilian classics.

Saffron lovers- you are invited!

The hands-on cooking class includes three different ARANCINI recipes and more ideas of arancini fillings, and what you can do to impress your family and friends.

After the class, you will enjoy the degustation arancini you've made and a fantastic gastronomy experience!

Why Arancini Are So Delicious?

They are saffron rice balls filled with bolognese sauce, peas, and mozzarella, and it is possible to create many different fillings! They can be eaten as a fantastic appetizer or main dish!

Use quality Italian ingredients!

They are so yummy!

The next arancini class is on 2 October 3pm, lasts 3-4 hours

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