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The olive tree has a certain romance about it. A wonderful "companion" tree, it's accompanied the human race through history beginning with the earliest Mediterranean areas. The olive tree in Greece was considered so sacred that legislation was written to prohibit the cutting down of one. Known as Solon's olive Protection Law, and written by the statesman Solon, the law stated that anyone who uprooted or destroyed an olive tree would be judged in court and, if found guilty, sentenced to death. The olive culture was so highly valued and fruit from trees was considered so sacred and revered that only chaste men and virgins were authorized to pick the fruit.

Now it is successfully established in many other regions. For centuries, herbalists used olives medicinally, but only recently has the importance of compounds in the leaf of the olive tree been researched and promoted as effective against a range of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic microbes. Oleuropein, the main important chemical component, is a bitter, phenolic glycoside and is present in all parts of the Olive tree- fruit, leaves, bark, and roots, and is probably what gives the tree its strong resistance to disease. The earliest medical reports of the benefits of olive leaf appeared in the mid-19th century and suggest it was effective against malaria- a disease caused by protozoa. It has also been found effective against numerous viruses and bacteria including Herpes 1 and2, Staphylococcus aureus, and Bacillus cereus. Researchers at Upjohn Company (large pharmaceutical) found a broad-spectrum antiviral against every virus they tested, as well as E.coli, poliovirus, encephalomyocarditis, roundworm, and parasites.

The Renaissance writer Isabella Cortese, in her Secreti book, shared the secret; "Everything old is new again" where Extra virgin olive oil is a natural beautification remedy. Olive oil helps to improve the appearance of skin and hair. Famous great beauties used olive oil on the skin, Jane Seymour, Sophia Loran,

Juliette Binoche...

Here at 9 Senses, in our skincare formulations, we are using our own cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, and olive leaf extract and we also collect leaves, distill them for the hydrosol, and it is our water-part of moisturizers. We also use only therapeutic grade essential oils, raspberry seed oil, Bay of Plenty Manuka honey, and various organic extracts from our farm.

Our skincare is loved by many regular local clients and international buyers.

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