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How to look younger

To look younger outside, you have to look younger inside. We are dealing with damaged proteins. The more damaged proteins you have, the more yous skin looks older. Today I would like to explain one way how to look younger. Advanced Glycation Ends products-AGEs- its combination of a sugar molecule with a protein molecule. When you take sugar and protein and heat it, then you end up with AGEs, it's basically that damaged & causes a lot of problems and will make you look really old. AGEs can be also a combination of glucose and fat, heated as well. So if you consume ice cream you are eating glucose, lactose, sugar, and heated milk protein, you consuming a product loaded with AGEs. Another example -BBQ ribs, where meat protein plus sugar sauce is on and heated - is AGEs damages proteins. After eating bbq ribs, about 1 hour later, you feel sluggish, tired, and have possibly sinus issues. How to adjust your recipe in a healthy way? So, if you cooking bbq ribs, do not use sugar sauce, but just spices and no sugar. French fries- basically glucose molecules stuck together with deep-fried starch in a fat equal amount of AGEs. A perfect deadly combination is a burger, meat protein with sweet ketchup, bun, + if you have coca cola with it, you eating AGEs on steroids, as a result, to get older very quick. All fast foods have a lot of AGEs and need to be avoided if you don't want to have old skin.

Here at 9 SENSES, we are lucky to have pure clean spring water, grass and olive branches fed dexter meat, and lots of fresh vegetables and herbs. We would love to share with you our knowledge and the little things we can, to make your life a bit healthier. Please, check our flavors page. I picked every fruit, leaf, herb, and flower with my hands and preserved it in the healthiest way, to bring the best of our organic farm to your table.

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