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MADISON MEDIA for 9 Senses

MADISON MEDIA “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…” The following are just a few questions so we can get to know you a little bit better, ensure we are on the same page and create the kind of targeted content that your business needs. The more details you provide, the more we will be able to create copy that is a perfect fit for you. Don’t worry, there can be no wrong answers – fill it out as best as you can and let us do the rest!

Current Website (if applicable):

Tell us about your business in your own words (no jargon if possible) – what do you do?

Wellness Retreat (in small scale) but have many people gave us 10 out of 10 on

We have organic “Gregoli” olive grove and fruits. Natural skincare products using own herbal extracts, Manuka honey and cold pressed organic olive oil. Healing treatments- massages, Reiki…

How long have you been operating – how did you get started?

Greg started Olive grove 20 years ago, then I started to do massages and may be about 8 years ago we formed it as Wellness retreat and natural cosmetics.

What is your business tagline/vision/goal?

Share the quality of our life, offer to our guests and clients natural skincare without compromise, offer organic fruits and extra virgin olive oil. Teaching guests how they can improve theirs life with wholistic approach.

How do you want to approach the tone of your content? (Funny, casual, professional, friendly…) Give five words that describe the tone of your business so far across your social + website.

Wholistic, organic, natural, quality, tranquillity

Who are your target market? Describe them with as much detail as possible– housewives in South Perth with limited budget who are married with children, watch soap-operas, and like baking… etc.

People who is watching theirs diet, who wants to improve health and general wellbeing, who appreciate walks in nature and bush. Looks like we attracting business people over 40, who likes little bit of comfort and luxury and looking after themselves. But for skincare could be anybody.

What do you want your customer’s/clients perception of the business to be? Upmarket/Professional/Approachable/Affordable… etc.

Experience Unique, healthy lifestyle,

Why should your customers choose you? What makes you different from your competitors?

For example skincare. Lots of natural cosmetics now on the market and craft-market. I am qualified Aromatherapist, formulating and manufacturing my skincare in small batches to have fresh product for clients. Also I collect herbs (Olive leaf, Manuka, Lavender…) and distil it for herbal hydrosol and its my water part, other people use distilled water from supplier, I also making my own extracts, so I control my ingredients. Same with olive oil- we harvest and press olives next day in own press to ensure top level of anti-oxidants and quality.

What do you NOT want in terms of content? (Do you have pet hates when it comes to catch phrases or clichés within your industry, or have a competitor who uses certain words/phrasing you want to stay away from, etc.)

Not sure

What are your clients looking for - what are their questions you can answer and problems you can solve?

They treat themselves here, everybody different and we adjust our service to provide the best we can for every person. I can give lots of wholistic healing advise if they need, I can teach them how to start organic garden, I can make healing, massages, garden tour, bush tour with showing many herbs and teaching how to use them. I feel how much I can tell and how much they want to know and if they receiving an information I can give dietary advise, wellbeing advise, skin benefits, mind set adjustment…

What are common services/products potential clients don’t realise you can also offer?

We can take a group for the day- girls day out, family retreat day with treatments , tasting tour

What is the approximate length of content per page you require? 500 words/ half a page/etc.

As long as people got enough catching information before they got bored

What inspired/motivated you to start this business/service/product?

Abondance of healthy everything in our place so we found the way we can share it with the world.

What are your business values?

Pure soil, pure water and air we can leave after us

Who are your biggest competitors? What do you think they do well? Provide links to their websites if possible.

Hard to say- people do one thing or other, we offering many things. This business is possible only on this property. There are many cosmetic companies like “living nature” in Kerikeri- very organised in cosmetics but it owned by Hong Kong so they have spacious premises equipment and robot-machinery, I don’t have this sort of work space, therefore I do what I can .

Please list any keywords you have already researched as applicable to your industry/product/service.

Manuka honey, Kawakawa, wellness retreat, anti-aging, luxury

What are the top things about your business your clients need to know?

Experience unique tranquille accommodation, treat yourself for natural cosmetics made by an aromatherapist, using our own extracts. Our cosmetics with Manuka honey is really natural without compromise. ( Sometime I see advertised natural cosmetics and well known with sales in every shop, when I read ingredients, it could contain nano Zinc oxide which means molecules are small enough to go through skin pores and harm internal organs- but natural yes; or natural lipstick has alum which is short for aluminium , too much aluminium found in the brain of sufferers of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. )

So when I formulate my cosmetics, I want it to be not harmful later in life as well as beneficial now.

Extra Notes. What else should we know about you to be able to really capture your vision/personality for this copy?

As you already understand- I’m not an English speaking. Please read what I already have in my website and correct if possible. I would like to add my treatments into this website and page of olive oil manufacturing and products.

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